The Free and Open Source Software for Partition Imaging and Cloning


partclone.[ [fstype] | restore | dd | chkimg | info ]

All partclone utilities named prefix partclone.blabla... It's just like mkfs.[fstype] or mount.[fstype] and easy to remember. The list is our man pages made from xsltproc or just run man partclone to access manual from linux system.

partclone man page screenshot
  • partclone.[fstype]
    The man page is for all utilities name with end of [xxx]fs, e.g. reiserfs. All file systems share the same options and features.
  • partclone.restore
    The special man page for restore only.
  • partclone.dd
    The special man page for partclone.dd only.
  • partclone.chkimg
    The special man page for partclone.chkimg only.
    The special man page for only.