The Free and Open Source Software for Partition Imaging and Cloning



  • Georges Khaznadar, debian package
  • Matthew Booth, source code patches
  • Rommer, source code patches
  • Yavor Nikolov, debug
  • Cedric OLLIVIER, automake
  • Paul J. Park, source code patches
  • Felix Lechner, Ubuntu package
  • Ian Abbott, source code patches
  • Javor, source code patches
  • Kristian Erik Hermansen, source code suggestion

Historical donation page


  • Cedric OLLIVIER, FR


Projects using Partclone


  • Oliver Redner, WISHLIST for exact sizes in
  • Dale, bug report for web pages
  • Zoltan Kraus, btrfs bug report
  • Graham Inggs, extfs bug report
  • Randy Syring, Source code review and suggestion
  • Barış Gerze, FreeBSD/UFS2 SUJ testing
  • Marcos Felipe Rasia de Mello, , bug report for web pages
  • horihel, ...
  • jeffcovey, ...
  • Vincent van Adrighem, bug report for web pages
  • tchavei, story
  • Björn Pfeiffer, bug report for web pages
  • Christopher Dotson, bug report for web pages
  • Azamat H. Hackimov, automake patches
  • Arie Maaskant, bug report for web pages
  • J Steel, news from ntfs-3g
  • Piavl, bug report
  • Nik Nyby, bug report
  • m24578, bug report
  • Gabor Z. Papp, bug report


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