The Free and Open Source Software for Partition Imaging and Cloning


Partclone provides utilities to back up and restore used-blocks of a partition and it is designed for higher compatibility of the file system by using existing library, e.g. e2fslibs is used to read and write the ext2 partition.

partclone screenshotThe goal of Partclone is to support most major file systems in the world. We spend much time to do this and continual develop for new file systame. Partclone is an image engine, not only to save the file system to an image or to restore an image to a partition, but also to clone devices. It also supports pipe, stdin and stdout which is helpful for advanced administrator to script special features via partclone utilities. For rescue situation, the rescue mode of Partclone would try to skip bad blocks and backup all good blocks for the partitions. The ddrescue program is another better solution to save bad disk while with partclone's help by listing all used blocks as domain file, it could make ddrescue smarter and faster when dumping a partition. All Partclone commands are in text mode and ncurses interface. If you prefer to save more resource, quiet mode could be used. All backup blocks will be vertified by crc32 to make sure the data are correct. You could check the usage docs to get more information.

Supported File Systems

FS Library Utility
Btrfs btrfs-tools partclone.btrfs
Ext2 e2fsprogs partclone.ext2 or partclone.extfs
Ext3 e2fsprogs partclone.ext3 or partclone.extfs
Ext4 e2fsprogs partclone.ext4 or partclone.extfs
Reiserfs libreiserfs partclone.reiserfs
Reiser4 reiser4progs partclone.reiser4
XFS xfslibs partclone.xfs
JFS jfsutils partclone.jfs
NTFS ntfsprogs partclone.ntfs
FAT 12 X partclone.fat12 or partclone.vfat
FAT 16 X partclone.fat16 or partclone.vfat
FAT 32 X partclone.fat32 or partclone.vfat
exFAT partclone.exfat
HFS plus X(ref:HFS Plus Volume Format) partclone.hfsplus , partclone.hfsp or partclone.hfs+
UFS2 ufsutilies partclone.ufs
VMFS vmfstools partclone.vmfs
F2FS f2fs-tools partclone.f2fs
NILFS2 nilfs-tools partclone.nilfs2

Other Features

dd raw copy any file partclone.dd
imgchk check image file partclone.chkimg
imginfo list image head information
restore restore any image made from partclone partclone.restore
ntfs reloc deals with braindeadness with moving NTFS filesystems partclone.ntfsreloc
vmfs type get vmfs type partclone.VMFS_volume_member